E-Stream Insights

Save Energy

Emergency Power

Electricity for your home

Contribution to climate protection

The company E-Stream wants to contribute to climate protection by bringing clean and green energy to every corner of the world and making it usable for every application.To this end, E-Stream is developing new battery storage technologies that make storing “green power” economical and user-friendly.
Based on the technology developed by E-Stream, the company is able to develop and produce flexible and modular storage systems at low cost. The technology can be used in stationary energy storage systems, including fast charging stations, as well as in automotive applications such as e-cars, hydrogen (hybrid) cars and others.

Industrial storage

large-scale battery storage systems (>30 kWh)

Typical application:
Grid stabilization, buffer storage for fast charging stations, and large commercial use.

Residential Storage

Small-format home storage solutions (>5kWh und <30 kWh)

Typical application:
Private use, small commercial use

Trade with cylindrical Li-ion cells of various types.

Typical applications:
Micro mobility, power tools, energy storage, and other

The supply of Li-ion round cells, which are sparsely available on the markets, is carried out for all three business areas.
In the automotive sector, E-Stream is the battery supplier for hydrogen (hybrid) vehicle prototypes, an industrial project together with a leading German car manufacturer and Tier 1 supplier to a research and development project funded by the German government.

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