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Safety, reliability,

Efficiency and sustainability

Behind e.quikk is the innovative, contemporary and future-oriented battery storage technology of the technology company E-Stream GmbH & Co. KGaA. The e.quikk technology represents the new age of e-mobility, the structural change in the energy industry and the dynamics of the modern industrial world.

In fact, e.quikk is a technology developed and patented by E-Stream for the mechanical connection and electrical interconnection of battery cells for battery storage systems. Based on the e.quikk technology, E-Stream’s products have a multitude of technology-related advantages and are at the same time able to enable an efficient and closed-loop economy of raw materials, materials and components.

Functionality of the revolution

The cell – energy density, shape & lifetime

This cell is the key to our development. Due to its standardised shape, it can be used flexibly and can achieve an output of up to 220 watt hours per kilogram or 420 watt hours per litre in packaging. This results in a very high energy density and is designed for efficient energy storage in the smallest space. In addition, the cells score with a long service life, as at least 80 % of their original energy is still available after 1,000 full cycles.

The module

Enables flexibility, temperature management & performance

Thanks to the e.quikk technology, the battery cells of our module are not welded together, which is why size and shape remain flexible. This means that our module can be used in a wide variety of applications. If necessary, the module can be individually adapted to the respective application. In addition, our technology has efficient temperature management because the power dissipation within the module is low, reducing heat generation and eliminating the need for additional active cooling. The efficient temperature management has added another functionality: Ultra-Fast Charging. Independent tests at renowned institutes confirm that the e.quikk technology makes it possible,

Advatages of the e.quikk technology

Environmental compatibility

With the e.quikk technology, “clean” energy obtained from renewable energy sources such as sunlight, wind and water power or geothermal energy can be efficiently stored and used as needed. If these energy sources are used as a source, the resulting energy transfer takes place exclusively on the basis of unlimited resources. The “second life principle” favoured by the e.quikk concept and the resulting maximum service life of the components also minimises the environmental impact in the course of resource depletion.


The aspect of safety has played a decisive role in the development of the e.quikk technology. To ensure maximum safety for our customers, our battery cells are individually electrically protected and the modules are designed to be shock and vibration resistant. In addition, due to the redundant construction principle of individual components, continued operation is still possible even if individual cells fail. Functionality can be restored quickly and easily by replacing the defective element. Furthermore, complete monitoring of safety-critical parameters is possible and thus the technology offers a multistage safety concept.

Environmental technology

An important factor that was equally important to us during the development of the e.quikk technology was the reliability of our energy storage systems. The solutions currently available on the market frequently exhibit significant temperature gradients during operation, which can consequently lead to fluctuating power output or total failure. Due to their innovative design, E-Stream battery systems, on the other hand, always work fail-safe and efficiently. For example, after 1,000 full cycles, at least 80 percent of the original energy is still available in the cells, and after 2,000 cycles, approx. 70 percent is still available, with 100 percent charge and discharge limits.
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