Industrial Energy Storage Systems

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Industrial storage

E-Stream used the latest lithium technology in its industrial and commercial storage facilities to ensure maximum safety, reliability, durability as well as profitability for its customers.
Self-Consumption Optimization
The goal of the energy turnaround is to switch the supply to renewable energies. Solar and wind energy are fluctuating energy sources whose generation does not coincide with the individual energy demand. By means of a battery storage system, the self-consumption of renewable energies in the commercial and industrial sector can be significantly increased and the grid consumption can be reduced at the same time. This eliminates the need for cost-intensive expansion of the grid transfer point and represents a technically and economically effective solution.
Peak shaving
A large number of manufacturing companies require a significantly higher amount of energy at certain time intervals, e.g. to ensure the start-up of a machine or plant. Since energy suppliers must always guarantee and provide the corresponding power peaks, their industrial and commercial customers are billed for the grid usage fees. Thanks to deployed battery storage systems, peak loads can be significantly reduced and the associated operating costs lowered.
Buffer operation
The market ramp-up in the field of electromobility requires fast-charging stations, whose simultaneous operation often requires a connected load in the megawatt range. Instead of a time-consuming and cost-intensive extension of the electrical grid connection, battery systems as buffer storage represent a technically and economically effective solution.
Multi-use strategy
Since certain applications of industrial and commercial storage systems are severely limited in time, they can be operated much more effectively through additional operational management strategies to achieve a faster payback of investment costs. For example, self-consumption optimization can be performed in combination with peak load capping using the same battery storage system.
Energy trading
With time-variable electricity tariffs, a battery storage system can be used for energy trading by storing electrical energy at time intervals with low tariffs and feeding it into the grid at times of higher electricity prices.
Time of Use
In industrial and commercial applications, operating costs can be reduced by using energy purchased at low rates and stored in a battery system at high rates.
Weather forecast-optimized operation
The effectiveness of fluctuating energy sources is increased in the context of an industrial and commercial battery storage system by incorporating weather forecast data into operation management strategies.
Grid Stabilization
To ensure the stability of the electric grid, the instantaneous levels of generated and consumed energy must be kept in balance. Since major load fluctuations lead to power outages, grid operators must compensate for them through load control. As renewable generation becomes unpredictable, the need for grid stabilization increases. Battery storage systems allow grid operators to keep reserve power on hand to guarantee power grid stabilization.
Zero feed-in
The use of powerful renewable energy generation systems is problematic in weak grid infrastructures despite potentially high self-consumption, since maximum permitted feed-in quantities are severely restricted in order to avoid grid overload. Through intelligent operation management of a battery storage and inverter system, a so-called zero feed-in can be configured so that the excess energy is temporarily stored and not fed into the electrical grid. Thus, a high energy demand can be covered by a self-generating plant by means of a battery system despite a weak grid infrastructure.
off-grid operation
Battery storage in combination with a suitable inverter system allows consumers not connected to the public grid to switch from fossil energy sources to renewable fluctuating energy sources.
Emergency power
For a large number of companies, grid failures represent an economic and safety hazard. Battery storage systems offer a reliable as well as ecologically and economically sensible alternative to conventional diesel gensets for generating emergency power.

Simply installed Industrial storage

Modularity - Pay only for what you really need!

E-Stream's industrial storage is a modular system comprising up to 20 serially connected battery modules. A technically and economically optimal and tailor-made system can be configured for each application by equipping the storage system with the required number of modules.

Flexibility - Optimization is not a matter of chance!

The modularity of the industrial storage unit and the system voltage of up to 1000 V make it possible to combine the IESS with almost all commercially available inverters, depending on the requirements and application. This means that an optimum can always be achieved in the configuration of the overall system.

Energy density - waste of space, not with us!

Thanks to its compact design, the industrial storage unit has an enormously high energy density of well over 100 kWh of usable capacity on a footprint of half a square meter.

Turnkey system solution - customer is king!

The industrial storage is an integral part of a holistic system, which includes the power electronics as well as the EMS. This enables E-Stream to offer and implement solutions for almost any industrial and commercial projects, even of high complexity and enormous size.

Scalability - Think Big!

Depending on the power requirements, the battery system can be expanded and always optimally adapted to the application. Due to the scalability of the industrial storage system, it is suitable for use in small projects as well as in large-scale storage systems.

User-friendly assembly - time is money!

E-Stream's industrial storage system is characterized by a particularly user-friendly assembly concept and features exclusively pluggable coded connection technology for power cabling and signal lines. This saves time when setting up and assembling the IESS and avoids errors when connecting the modules.

Temperature management - Because we can!

To ensure the safety and longevity of industrial storage, E-Stream uses its proprietary thermal management to homogenize cell temperatures and avoid hotspots in the battery modules. Minimizing temperature gradients on the system level and increasing the performance of the storage unit is achieved by using a special air or liquid cooling system.

Intelligent energy management - The key to the market!

The intelligent algorithms of the EMS make it possible to implement sector coupling, ensure compatibility between different system participants, control applications, optimise operation management strategies, record, evaluate and visualise system-relevant data, ensure system monitoring and carry out remote maintenance work.

Safety - A must!

The E-Stream industrial storage system is equipped with various safety mechanisms at the cell, module and system level. The battery modules of the IESS have stable, resistant and robust metallic housings and offer the battery cells maximum protection during transport and in the application. The rack with IP protection class 54, which serves as housing for the battery modules and the master, provides additional protection against ingress of foreign bodies, moisture and dust. A master-slave BMS is used to monitor the electrical and thermal parameters of the industrial storage unit, which has a high safety standard.

Sustainability and environmental compatibility - The innovation!

Based on the e.quikk technology, the round cells used in the industrial storage system are electrically and mechanically connected by means of high-tech circuit boards without any material-locking welding, bonding or soldering processes. In addition to the simple automated assembly, our systems can be reversibly disassembled and battery cells can be removed from the storage units without destroying them. What sounds unspectacular at first makes our industrial storage solution a technological pioneer in sustainability as well as energy and resource conservation.

Our industrial storage solution - the way to an efficient recycling economy!


By replacing the cells, the industrial memory can be reconditioned, or "refurbished" as we call it, comparable to a software update. This extends the service life of the IESS and conserves energy and raw material resources.

Second Life

The industrial storage system can be equipped with so-called "second life" battery cells from high-performance applications and thus be operated for years to come. Since cells contain valuable raw materials such as lithium, copper, nickel and cobalt, the second life approach is of high strategic and economic importance.


The battery cells from a high-performance industrial battery system, which was used, for example, as a buffer storage for the fast charging columns, can be operated in a stationary application with lower performance requirements by means of a non-destructive "upcycling" process.


In today's times, which are characterised by material shortages and supply bottlenecks, recycling is on everyone's lips. Our industrial storage system also scores here. The non-destructive removal of the cells and the significantly simplified material separation ensure enormous time, cost and energy savings in the transport of disused battery modules and the recycling process of the IESS.


Whether in the form of a wall installation or as a rack solution: with the E-Stream home storage units, private households can ensure a reliable, secure and flexible energy supply.
The battery cell is the smallest component of the E-Stream energy storage systems. As the central component of the e.quikk battery and energy storage technology designed by E-Stream
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